Music Production

One of the biggest services we provide is helping you breaking through the music industry. We will analyse what exactly your production needs, and we will develop a perfectly suitable plan for you, your music carreer, and efficient promotion. This includes the listed services.

  • Arrangement of professional recording in many studios
  • Arrangement of a music video shoot and edit by many professional film-makers
  • Fabrication of CDs for the best price (approximately €80 for 50 CDs depending on your requirements)
  • Addition of your music onto the biggest platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, Deezer, and more)
  • Professional graphics (creation of covers, posters, booklets, etc.)
  • Arrangement (optionally also management) of events and performances
  • Release and promotion of your music
  • Development of a plan for your social media
  • Arrangement of collaboration with well-known artists
  • Creation of your own website