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About Us

Who are we?

You create, we work! We are successful young artists starting this project with many contacts dedicated to help others. We have a few of musicians in our team, some visual artists and even a real writer with published books! Nowadays, many talented young artists struggle to get known in the huge industry. Whoever makes any kind of art, definitely knows how hard it is to spread it. Do you struggle to get your production seen? We are here to help you!

Why do we do it?

Because we believe that everyone deserves to be at least acknowledged for what he or she does. Also, the world’s hunger for new talents and innovations still appears not being satisfied. Since we know how to break the ice, we believe that it is our duty to help others to “make it”.


Emexx Interview

Interview with Emexx CZECH Hey, what are you doing right now? (it is 1 AM, redaction note) „Hey man! Right now I’m going home from my homie’s place, and I’m gonna make some beats for my crew boy YRK or eventually PENÜS and LordK.“ These will be bangers for sure!...
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Interview Swish EP

PENÜS: Interview about Swish EP CZECH PENÜS: Interview about Swish EP GrowArt collaborates with many talented artists. One of them is also 20 years old rapper known under his stage name PENÜS. This guy from Prague, Czech Republic, currently living in The...
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